My verdict on Ikea PAX wardrobes

I decided a while ago that my current wardrobe set up just wasn’t working.  Whilst I had lovely full length mirror wardrobes, the space inside just wasn’t cutting it!  So I decided to pop to Ikea to pick up a clothing rail to hang my overspill of clothing on, knowing in the back of my mind that wasn’t going to solve my problem.  Whilst browsing in store I noticed the most stunningly displayed wardrobe which was unfortunately too big for the space I had, however I still continued to admire it all the same!  It was only when I took a closer look I realised that you could customise the whole thing!We are talking everything from the size, drawers, design of the drawers, trouser rails and even sliding out jewellery compartments!  On the drive home it was all I could think about so I logged onto the Ikea website on my return home to look into this incredible idea further.  To my delight you could design and customise your wardrobe online and get it all delivered for £35! So yes you guessed it that’s just what I did.  Two days later it arrived and that’s where the story really begins …I am 5’5′ (165cm to be exact) and the height of my new wardrobes were 236cm.  I knew this was ambitious when I ordered it given that I was planning on putting together the whole thing all by my myself!  The wardrobes arrived at 7.10am and I was so excited, however even the delivery women commented ‘are you sure all these wardrobes are for you’!  I confidently replied to her ‘yes they are’ feeling a little pit in my stomach looking at the space I had so carefully measured and started to doubt myself.img_3396It took around an hour to unbox everything and then I finally got started.  I made full use of the one chair I own, balanced a lot of items on my head and fully utilised my legs as extra arms, all whilst praying that I would be free to answer the door to the Zara delivery I knew was arriving the same day (separate blog post of that coming up soon).  By lunchtime I had put two of the four pieces together (we are just talking about the shell at this point) but my delivery had arrived and I could sit down and enjoy some lunch.

After lunch I couldn’t wait to open and try on my much anticipated delivery, however I realised I had no full length mirrors as they had left with my previous wardrobes.  I didn’t let this stop me and headed straight to the bathroom standing on the toilet seat to get the full length effect, fashion show over and it was back to work taking until around 7pm to fully finish the wardrobe shell.  If you are looking to purchase this design I would not recommend installing a corner unit, especially by yourself!img_3404Once I had it all up I was just dying to get all the little bits and pieces (drawers/jewellery drawers etc) put into place.  I managed to complete one section of the wardrobe by 10pm and thought I better call it a night.img_3405

The following day was spent finishing it all off, finding the right place for all my clothes and popping out to find myself a new mirror!  I can honestly say I am so pleased with the outcome and highly recommend the Ikea PAX wardrobe to anyone considering it.  There is an option for doors, but I personally didn’t want them, so here is the finished design below …img_3433Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and please do feel free to leave any comments below.Speak soon x

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